How Swipe works

Upload an existing presentation or create it in Swipe, share a link and start presenting live to anyone, anywhere. All in the browser, all in real time.

It’s as easy as sending a link

    All in the browser

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  • Present to anyone, anywhere, on any device

    Share a link with anyone and control your slides. What you see is exactly what they see, even if they’re on the other side of the world.

    Interact with your audience

    Give your audience a voice. Find out what they know, who they are, or what they want you to speak about with our interactive polls.

    Everything you'd expect and then some

    Works on any device

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    Bring your content

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  • Drag & drop to upload an existing presentation

    Flexible. Upload PDFs, images, and other types of files in the browser.

    No limits. No limits on file size or amounts of files you can upload.

    Beautiful. What you upload will look great on any size screen.



    Printing Press



    Create slides with Markdown

    Fast. Quick to create and even quicker to load, a better slide format.

    Responsive. Your content adjusts and looks readable on any size screen.

    Beautiful. You just write, we handle all of the formatting.

    Swipe turns your presentations into conversations

    We build technology that helps you communicate

    We build technology that gets out of your way


    Mix and add web content

    Drag & Drop. Rearrange your slides on any device, right in the browser.

    YouTube & Vimeo. Add videos to your decks just by pasting a link.

    Real-time. Control and show videos and interactive content in real-time

    Make it interactive

    Polls. Create beautiful interactive polls in the browser in seconds.

    Real-time. View and show results to your audience in real-time.

    Responsive. Polls in Swipe look great on any device.

    Who invented the printing press?

    Collaborate and share privately

    Flexible. Give collaborators permission to edit, present, or just to view.

    Smart. Track when your collaborators see and edit the presentation in real-time.

    Secure. All access is by account and over SSL, no one else can see your deck, not even search engines.

    Share with the world

    Quick. Make a deck public with one click.

    Smart. See how many people are viewing live and how many viewed it in total.

    Flexible. Share as a slider or as a vertical page.

    Embed your presentations anywhere

    Responsive. We make sure your slides look good on any screen or device.

    Invisible. We put the focus on your content and hide the interface when you don't need it.

    Fast. We preload all your images and serve them in the fastest slider on the web.

    Join 300,000+ people from great organizations

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